Collective Effort Paper Company is a sustainable paper company, whose mission is to create quality recyclable paper that requires less materials and resources than other paper companies. The company's logo is created using their initials that also forms a paper. In efforts to promote the brand, a booklet explaining the impact of paper was made, using only recycled sustainable paper. Steps were taken to reduce usage of materials, while keeping the booklet looking simple and appealing for viewers.
AAF Fort Worth - Silver Addy Award
+ UDA SSL 2020 - Silver Signs Award
+ UDA SSL 2020 - Silver Letterform Marks Award
+ Featured on UTA Counterspace 2020
The company has come out with a booklet that encapsulates their eco-friendly tones, through considerate usage of materials such as the binding that replaces the metal saddle stitches, and also the fold pockets that completely remove the necessity for adhesive or staples. The booklet speaks on their stand point with paper waste and the facts that tie to it, along with their ecofriendly products. Two free posters are included in in the booklet, that tells a story of two paths that can be taken for the environment. 
For the page that contains two slots in the front and back for the free posters, a large sheet of paper was used and partially folded up at the bottom to create the slot. The page was then place along with the others to be bind together. This method was used to avoid the use of non-recyclable metal stables, or adhesive and stay true to being a eco-friendly recyclable booklet.    
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