Agent Fresh is an Eco-friendly dental hygiene brand that strives to produce products that provide a fresh clean feel in the most natural way. The logo is an agent molar tooth that is named Agent Fresh. It has an incision for the top of a tooth, which also creates a happy face to make dental hygiene have more of a friendly appeal, and less of a corporate clean feel. The tie also can be seen as the back of the tooth. We want our customers to feel happy to be using Eco-friendly products that help both them and the world, so we wanted our logo and brand identity to represent the happiness that customers will receive!
+ AAF Fort Worth - Silver ADDY Award
+ Featured on UTA Counterspace 2020
Agent Fresh is an eco-friendly oral brand with a mission to produce products that provide a fresh clean feel in a natural way. The brand focuses on creating hygiene products that create little to no waste. The company logo is an agent molar tooth that is named Agent Fresh. Agent Fresh was created to introduce a more friendly and welcoming tone to the oral industry, compared to the corporate clean tone that can be seen on other brands.
The Agent Fresh product line consist of mouthwash tablets, toothpaste tablets, a bamboo tongue scraper, pure silk eco floss, and a bamboo toothbrush with charcoal bristles. Each product, including the packaging, are made of biodegradable or reusable materials.
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